School Facilities Committee

Co-Chairs: Joe Ledvina, La Crosse and David Hoh, Oskhosh
Board Liaison: David Hoh, Oskhosh

To address the educational training needs of school district personnel in the areas of facility management, maintenance, and the environmental aspects of school operation.

  • The Facilities Manager Certification Program remains the highest priority. Core and Continuing Education courses are scheduled at Fall, Midwest, Facilities and Spring Conferences. Keeping the Core modules relevant to basic knowledge and current trends and legislation. The committee is reviewing and updating the seven core modules where necessary.
  • Continue to advance curriculum for the Continuing Education Program.
  • Provide pertinent facilities related sessions at the State Education Convention to educate those who are responsible for setting policy in school districts.
  • Review sustainability of the summer Custodial and Maintenance Conferences.
  • Work with the Safety and Risk Management Committee on investigating a Custodial Certification Program and Wingspread initiatives.
  • Research opportunities related to continuing education for professional licensure such as PE and a designation for the Facilities Certification Program.