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Viterbo University College Credit Option

WASBO has established a relationship with Viterbo University which allows attendees at most WASBO Conferences to earn credits through the University. These credits may be able to be applied toward Wisconsin state licensure requirements (you should verify with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction if you are eligible to use these credits as circumstances differ depending upon when your original license was awarded; visit the DPI website for additional information.) Each Viterbo credit is $220, and is paid directly to Viterbo University. To earn a credit, each participant must:

  1. Register online at for the WASBO Conference you wish to attend.  WASBO registration rates apply.
  2. Complete the Viterbo registration form, provided on-site at the registration desk, and turn it in at the beginning of a conference to participate in the Viterbo credit program. Payment can be made at that time with a check or credit card. Please note due to the short duration of the course, once you complete and submit the Course Registration form to either Viterbo or WASBO, it is not possible to drop or cancel your participation in the course. By completing and submitting a Course Registration form, you are obligated to pay the associated course fee to Viterbo University and complete the assigned coursework.
  3. Complete the requirements for the credit. While these requirements vary somewhat depending upon the conference, typically a participant must attend the full conference and complete a Credit Validation Form (provided on-site), summarizing the most important aspects of each conference session.
  4. Return the completed Credit Validation Form to WASBO by the due date specified. Coursework must be turned in by mail, fax or email by the published course deadline. If coursework is not received by the deadline, the instructor will enter a grade appropriate to the coursework received.

Viterbo is no longer mailing grade reports to students. To view your grades online:

  1. Go to
  2. Read the directions on how to obtain your username and password then click on “Find User Name” (your username and password were also emailed to your preferred email address after you registered for your classes)
  3. Once you have obtained your user name and password, go to
  4. Click on the "MYVU" link at the top of the page
  5. Click on the "VitNet" icon at the top right of the page
  6. Click on "Log in"
  7. Enter your username and password and then click on "Submit"
  8. Click on "Students"
  9. Under Academic Profile click on "Grades"
  10. Then, choose a course, and click on “Submit”
  11. If the class is graded, the grade will appear under "final grade"

If you need any technical support, please contact Viterbo’s help desk at

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