Accessing the Exam

Session Materials:
A link for the notebook will be emailed prior to the course, along with course and exam details.


You will have 65 minutes to complete the exam once you begin.  The exam is 50 questions, multiple choice.  Your results will be available immediately after submitting your exam. 

How to Access Your Exam:

If you have not accessed your PROfile before or if you forget your login information, you can request it at this link:

Note: We suggest that you access your PROfile during class to ensure you have the correct login information.  This way you have time to contact the Client Support Team for assistance prior to the exam window opening.

The exam is digital and is accessed through your Learning Portal. Log in to your PROfile at  You will click on “Learning Portal” icon at the top of your home screen.  On the “Course History” page of the PROfile, select the appropriate “Launch Learning Portal” button to find exam instructions and take the final exam.  Once you’re in the Learning Portal, you will see the title of your course.  Please click on the Launch button to access the course content.  If you’ve already been in the course, the button will say Resume.  Launching your course will display the exam/proctor instructions, the Exam Policy Acknowledgement and Affidavit, and the digital final exam. The affidavit only applies to CISR and CSRM.

Exam Availability):

All exams will be administered online.  Your exam will be accessed through the learning portal in your PROfile page with The National Alliance’s Learning Management System (LMS). The exam will be available to you beginning immediately after the end of the course through Thursday at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time the week following the course.  You will have one hour to complete the exam once you begin.  The exam is 50 questions, multiple choice.  An exam proctor is required.

Exam Proctoring:

CSRM online exams require a proctor.  You need an individual to proctor you while you take the online exam.  All final exams require you to have a proctor who is a disinterested third party to monitor your exam. A disinterested third-party is someone with no direct business or family relationship to you. For example, an agency principal, a supervisor, a subordinate, a friend or family member would NOT qualify as a disinterested third party.  Some examples of a disinterested third party are: a coworker who exclusively works in a training/HR role or a local proctoring facility/testing center. Many libraries and colleges also offer proctoring services.  Your proctor must be present when you launch the exam through the entirety of your attempt. You have three options when choosing a proctor.

  • Option #1: You may use MonitorEdu as a virtual proctoring option. With MonitorEDU, an extra device such as a smartphone or tablet is required. A proctor will observe you remotely on camera while you complete the exam at home or work. No appointment is necessary, and proctors are always available. First, navigate to the MonitorEDU website and pay their $18 proctoring fee. When you are ready to take the exam during the exam window, return to this site and click “connect to the proctor.” 

  • Option #2: You may visit a brick-and-mortar testing location. The quickest way to locate a proctor in your area is to conduct a Google search for “approved proctors near me.” Your search results will yield official testing centers at colleges, universities, libraries, and learning centers. Licensee Insurance Associations (PIA, IIA, etc.) are approved in-person testing locations.

  • Option #3: Someone in a dedicated HR or training department role within your organization may

***Your instructor or onsite coordinator is available to proctor for those who would like to take the online exam on the day of the course.  Please note an exam is required for each CSRM course; if you take two courses in a week, you have the same time frame to complete both online exams. 

Request a Proctor:

Step 1: Sign into your PROfile

Step 2: Select the My Courses tab.

Step 3: Select the Course History tab.

Step 4: Under Action Items of the course you are taking, click on Request Proctor to complete the Proctor Form. 

If you have any problems accessing your exam please contact The National Alliance’s Client Support Team at [email protected]. The National Alliance customer support closes at 6pm CST.  Please be advised that anyone testing after 6pm on the last day of the exam window will not have support available.

The Exam – Step-By-Step:

  1. Visit the website and sign in to your account.  After logging in, you will be taken to your account’s homepage.

  2. Click on Launch Learning Portal  (top right portion of the screen).  You are now entering the Learning Portal.

  3. Click on the Learning Center (orange) box in the middle of the page and locate your current course in your course list.  Click Launch.

  4. Find the exam item in the table of contents and open the exam page and follow the prompts on screen.  

  5. Complete the exam!

Exam Tips and Notes:

  1. Question responses will save automatically when the test-taker goes to the next page.

  2. Exam-takers should plan for a quiet environment without distractions.

  3. No notebooks, study materials, or cell phones are allowed during the exam.

  4. You may have a blank sheet of scratch paper and a simple function calculator during the exam.  The sheet of paper needs to be destroyed after testing and no programmable or financial calculators are allowed.

  5. Leaving the exam room is not allowed, except to use the restrooms.  No cell phones or other materials may be taken with the student when they leave the room.

  6. The proctor must be in the room during the exam and remain in a location where they can see the participant's screen.

  7. The digital exam has a time clock to help the proctor enforce the time limit.  All exams will auto submit after time expires.  Participants finishing the exam before time has expired are permitted to submit their exam.

  8. Be sure to review your answers on all exam pages before submitting your exam.

Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Credit Only:

If you are attending the webinar for continuing education/insurance license update (CE credit) only, you don't need to take an exam. On the day of the course, please go to The National Alliance site, to submit your CE request.  Go to PROfile, login and then go to the Courses tab. Under the 'Action' column, select 'Request CE/Modify' to complete and submit your request. You must complete your request by the end of the course.  For accurate reporting, participants must include their name (as it appears on their license), state of license, and license/NPN number. CE will be processed after attendance is verified. Most states require 100% attendance for state CE credit.

Participants from MI, SC, FL and WI that are requesting Insurance Continuing Education (CE) are also required to complete and submit an affidavit of webinar attendance to receive state reported continuing education credit for instructor-led webinar courses. 

To complete and submit the affidavit (ONLY applies to residents of MI, SC, FL, and WI requesting Insurance Continuing Education):

  1. Log into PROFile at

  2. Go to the My Courses tab and then select Course History

  3. Locate the Affidavit button for your course under the Action items column

  4. Electronically sign the affidavit and hit submit

CSRM Designation Update Credit Only:

If you are attending to complete your CSRM designation update credit only, no test is required, and no CE credit needs to be processed.

If you have questions, please contact Kristin Hauser at [email protected].