2021 Custodial & Maintenance Conferences


As we prepare for in-person conferences, providing attendees and exhibitors with a safe and healthy learning environment is our top priority.  To do this well, all participants must follow the safeguards necessary for minimizing transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The safeguards include the following:

Before the Event:

Prepare to attend by monitoring your fever and symptoms before the conference.

Stay home if you have a fever or other symptoms.

Stay home if you have a family member with COVID-19 and follow CDC recommended precautions.

During the Event: 

Have your temperature checked upon arrival to the conference.

Wear a mask during the conference. A mask is required and will be provided if you do not have one.

Practice physical distancing as required.

Follow the CDC’s handwashing guidance.

Follow the CDC’s sneezing and coughing guidance.

After the Event:

Monitor your temperature and symptoms to keep yourself and others safe.


Attendees: If you are uncomfortable with these safeguards, you might want to reconsider attending the conference this year, as we cannot offer a virtual component.

Exhibitors: If you are uncomfortable with these safeguards, you might want to reconsider exhibiting with us this year. 

The Custodial & Maintenance Conferences will provide school leaders and exhibitors with critical information and networking opportunities.  At this time, we are confident that participants can safely conduct an in-person conference with comprehensive COVID-19 safeguards in place and practiced by all who attend. We will continue to closely monitor the situation.