2022 WASBO Custodial and Maintenance Conference
June 29, 2022 - Cameron Elementary School, Cameron, WI - Cameron School District
Conditions For Exhibit Space Contract


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1. CONTRACT FOR EXHIBIT SPACE – This contract for exhibit space and formal notice of assignment by the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials Foundation and the full payment of fees constitute a contract for the right to use the assigned exhibit space.

2. PAYMENT FOR SPACE – The cost of exhibit space registration is due in full prior to the conference.

3. CANCELLATIONS –  A  full refund of fees will be made on cancellations received IN WRITING on or before June 15, 2022. No refunds will be made for exhibit space cancelled after June 15, 2022.

4. INSTALLING AND DISMANTLING – Exhibitors may set up their booths on Wednesday, June 29 from 7 am - 9 am. Exhibits must be removed by 4 pm that day.

5. USE OF SPACE – All demonstrations or other sales activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit booth. The Exhibit Area is designed for table top displays. While exhibitors may bring a booth, space limitations require that the entire set up take no more than 4’ by 8’.  WASBO reserves the right to request vendors remove items that exceed this space limitation. No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or share the space allocated without the knowledge and consent of the WASBO Executive Director. Displays shall not be placed in a manner as to interfere with other exhibits. The Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials Foundation reserves the right to exclude from any exhibition any or all literature, illustrations, materials or products that in its judgement are not consistent with the proper decorum of the educational exhibits.

6. PRIZES – Exhibitors are encouraged, but not required, to bring a drawing prize to donate to the WASBO Foundation. A drawing will be held for attendees to have the opportunity to win your prize.  Your drawing prize will be displayed at your booth during Exhibit Area hours; prizes might include a gift card for gas, Home Depot, Visa etc..., items like gift baskets, electronics, your organization's logo wear or your product or service. Winners for each prize will be announced as part of the Conference Wrap Up at the end of the Conference. To promote this activity and further increase circulation in the exhibit area, we will be identifying all exhibitors in the conference program who are participating in the drawing prize activity. Indicate on your conference registration if you will be bringing a prize to donate.

7. SHIPPING AND STORAGE – Shipping and storage will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitors.

8. NOISE & LIGHTING – Exhibitors should be respectful of other exhibitors when including sound and lighting in their display.

9. INSURANCE – Responsibility for various types of insurance coverage is that of each individual exhibitor. Each exhibitor will hold free of liability, in connection with property damage or personal damage to his agents and employees, the host school district, the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials Foundation and the employees of each such organization for loss, theft, damage or destruction of goods, or for any injury to himself/herself or employees while in the exhibit or for any damage of any nature or character.

10. FIRE PROTECTION- No flammable fluids, substances or materials of any nature, including decorative material that is not flameproof, may be used in the booth. Electrical wiring must conform with national Electric Code Safety Rules. Local fire regulations must be complied with.

11. REGISTRATION – Exhibitors are entitled to register one (1) representative per booth at no additional cost. Additional personnel may register for the conference at a rate of $50. Vendors who are not exhibitors are not permitted to attend the conference and may not solicit business in the exhibit areas or distribute product information at the conference site. All exhibitor representatives must be registered.

12. EXHIBIT TABLE SIZE – One table per indoor booth space is provided. If you do not wish a table at your booth, please indicate that on your registration form.