WASBO Conference Safeguards

Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test

Given updated local, state and federal health & safety guidelines, effective March 2, 2022, WASBO will accept either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours of the start of the Accounting or Spring Conferences without needing an approved exemption. During the conference, masks are encouraged but not required.

  • WASBO will be using Health Pass by CLEAR, which provides a secure, digital proof of COVID-related health insights via the free CLEAR mobile app. Download and enroll by searching for “CLEAR” on your phone’s App Store or Google Play Store. You also can provide your vaccination card or negative COVID test. 
  • Please visit https://www.clearme.com/privacy_policy for more details about how CLEAR keeps your information safe. If you have any follow up questions, please direct them to [email protected]
  • Your vaccine information would be readily available for you at other vaccine requirement events and the Clear app is free.
  • Download the CLEAR App now and verify your vaccination, or bring your bring your vaccine card or a picture of the card. 

Steps to Download Health Pass by CLEAR 

Get ready for the event by downloading CLEAR for free and completing the one-time enrollment process to verify your entry requirements. You’ll be able to use Health Pass to confirm entry requirements before entering through the CLEAR Fast Lanes. Here are the steps to take before the conference:

  1. Download the free CLEAR App for Apple iOS or Android
  2. Scroll down to the “Digital Vaccine Card” section and select the “Add My Vaccination” button. New CLEAR members will be guided through enrollment steps and existing CLEAR members can use the email associated with their CLEAR membership.
    1. Enter the email address (preferably the same as was used to register for the conference).
    2. Enter your mobile number.
    3. Enter the verification code sent to your phone via text.
    4. Complete the 2-Step Enrollment: Scan your ID (US & Canada Photo ID Card or Passport) and take a photograph of your face.
    5. Agree to the CLEAR member terms
    6. Create a Password
    7. Scan your COVID-19 vaccination card and enter your vaccination info. If you have an approved exemption, please upload your negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours prior to the conference.
  3. A green Completed check mark next to your Digital Vaccine Card means your information is uploaded and approved!

Need help? Call 855-CLEAR-ME or tap “Get in Touch” in the app for assistance Disclaimer: CLEAR will not share your specific data about your vaccination or test results with the event organization. View CLEAR's FAQ Document.