WASBO's Year of Success Program

Providing the essential DPI Reporting requirements you need to know and understand! 

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Regardless of one's work background or degree, if you are new to the school business office you are sure to find the learning curve is steep. Little can prepare you for the reporting requirements, calculations, and statutes you must navigate, and the shear volume of responsibilities can seem overwhelming.

With these concerns in mind, WASBO, in cooperation with the School Financial Services Team at the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), is pleased to present The Year of Success Program — a six-conference package designed to offer new business managers, bookkeepers, and district administrators with the timely knowledge they need to succeed in a typical school business office year. Specially designed tracks at five of the six conferences cover time-sensitive topics, and allow you to focus on understanding the most immediate and upcoming challenges. The sixth conference, Wisconsin Federal Funding provides school districts with the information they need, not only to be in compliance, but also to maximize their federal resources. Learn from experienced peers, service providers and experts from DPI while you plot a course for your Year of Success.

The WASBO Year of Success Program also offers a substantial savings - approximately 25% - over individual conference registrations. The program includes full conference registrations to: the New School Administrators and Support Staff Conference, the FALL ConferenceWinter at a Glance, the Wisconsin Federal Funding Conference, the  Accounting Conference, and the Spring Conference. Find out more about each conference below, and register today!




WASBO member pricing for The Year of Success Program is $1,685. The non-member price is $1,755 and includes one year of trial WASBO membership if you have not previously been a WASBO member. The Year of Success Program is non-refundable and non-transferable to another person or district. More information here. Anyone may register to attend one or all conferences listed above. Topics below are a sampling of offerings and are subject to change.

Hear more about WASBO's Mentorship Program from our coordinators!

WASBO's Mentorship Program

The WASBO mentor program is designed to provide professional resources and advice to first and second year school business officials relative to the myriad of duties and responsibilities that are inherent within every school business official’s job description. This is accomplished by pairing new business officials on a one-to-one basis with experienced veterans. The program establishes supportive relationships between protégés seeking career guidance and mentors with experience and expertise in the areas of need. District Professionals who utilize the Mentorship Program as protégés are required to enroll in Year of Success. Find out more at wasbo.com/mentorship.

Hear more about the Year of Success Program from WASBO's Mentorship Coordinators & those who have completed the program!

The Conferences

Below are sessions specific to the Year of Success program. These conferences also feature additional sessions on a wide variety of topics that will increase your expertise in school business management. Click on the conference to learn more!

New School Administrators & Support Staff Conference

September 6-7, 2023 • Hilton Garden Inn Madison Sun Prairie, Sun Prairie

The New School Administrators and Support Staff Conference is an intensive conference designed to provide you with a sound introduction to the school business office. It is also the first of six professional development opportunities each year in the Year of Success Program. The Year of Success Program is ideal for new business managers, bookkeepers and district administrators. Year of Success "brings it all together" and provides the support you need when you are new to the business office.
  • Fall at a Glance
  • ESSER 101
  • WISEdata Finance is Here!
  • Introduction to WUFAR
  • Special Education Accounting and Reporting
  • Counting Children: Third Friday Count and Summer Interim Courses
  • Revenue Limits, State General Aid and the Tax Levy
  • How to Survive the Annual Report
  • Cash Flow and Short-term Borrowing
  • Top 10 Annual Meeting Tips (Approaching the Tax Levy)
  • Tying It All Together

Annual FALL Conference

October 5-6, 2023 • The Osthoff, Elkhart Lake

School District Professionals and Service Affiliates will benefit from the knowledge and networking WASBO's Annual FALL Conference and Scholarship Fundraisers offer. With tracks for Leadership, Insurance/Human Resources, Best Practices/Money Savings/Innovative Solutions, Professional Development, Facilities Core Certification, Facilities Certification Continuing Education, and New Administrator/Year of Success, as well as inspiring keynotes, you'll find sessions to benefit you and your district today, and help you plan for tomorrow.
  • Starter Kit for the New Business Official
  • Fiscal Year at a Glance
  • Debt Service Management 101
  • How WISEgrants Uses WUFAR to Assist Subrecipients in Meeting Allowable Cost Requirements
  • Aid & Revenue Limit: Understanding Your Worksheets
  • They Will Be Monitored-Written Procedures and the Uniform Grant Guidance
  • Cash Reserve/Fund Balance (Long Term School District Fiscal Health)
  • Touch Base Session

Winter at a Glance

December 12, 2023  • Virtual

Part of the Year of Success Program, this one-day conference focuses on the business office responsibilities most critical for the winter months. New staff to the business office, including business managers, bookkeepers, and district administrators, will find this information beneficial, while more experienced business office staff may find the review helpful.
  • Winter at a Glance
  • SFS Reporting Membership and Pupil Count
  • Revenue Limits Review
  • Fees 101
  • How Do Benefits Impact Your Budget?

Wisconsin Federal Funding Conference

February 26-27, 2024 • Kalahari Convention Center, Wis. Dells


This conference was first offered in 2011 as a result of the increased focus on transparency and accountability of federal funds. These changes made compliance difficult to understand. The purpose of this conference is to provide school districts with the information they need, not only to be in compliance, but also to maximize their federal resources.

Accounting Conference

March 20-21, 2024 • Madison Marriott West

From veteran business managers and district administrators to new bookkeepers, this informative conference offers innovative ideas, timely instruction, and relevant advice on the issues facing school business offices today.
  • Spring at a Glance - Budget Adjustments
  • Special Education Fiscal Auditing
  • Communicating District Financial Information
  • Advocating for Your School District
  • The Other FundsL Funds Other than 10 and 27
  • Open Enrollment and How Open Enrolled Students are Funded
  • Introduction to IDEA's Maintenance of Effort
  • Categorical Aids
  • Maintenance of Effort
  • Preparing for the Audit

Spring Conference

May 16-17, 2024 • Kalahari Convention Center, Wis. Dells

The Spring Conference is WASBO's biggest event of the year with something to offer for all WASBO Members. There are over 40 educational sessions, an expansive exhibit hall, a WASBO Foundation student scholarship fundraiser, WASBO professional recognition award presentations, and plenty of opportunities to network.
  • Summer at a Glance
  • Preparing for Year End: Closing Out the Fiscal Year
  • Fiscal Audit: What You Need to Know About Your Upcoming Audit
  • Transportation Basics
  • DPI Current Updates, Reminders, and Reporting Requirements
  • Debt Service Management 102
  • Intro to OPEB Requirements and Fund 73 Accounting
  • Tying it All Together