Reopening Schools Resource

Last updated October 1, 2020

WASBO Members, 

We are pleased to present WASBO’s Reopening Schools Resource of best practices, recommendations, ideas and reactions to DPI’s recently published Education Forward guidance document.  Our association has a core value of helping and sharing generously with each other.  This resource, created for you by your colleagues, provides a fine example in that tradition.  

Over the next several weeks, you will be able to access information on reopening schools in each of these categories:  Transportation; Facility Operations; Food Service; Technology; Human Resources; Legislation and Advocacy; and Budget/Finance.   

Material will be updated regularly as we move closer to the start of school, and in response to ever changing conditions.  A special ‘thank you’ to our team members: Lynn Knight and Jason Demerath (co-chairs); Brian Adesso; Pat Finnemore; Greg Gaarder; Rob Nelson; Beth Sheridan; John Stellmacher; Jodi Traas; Chad Wiese; and John Gahan.  WASBO also wishes to acknowledge Vicki Adkins, WASPA Executive Director, for sharing her perspective on human resource issues.  

Members are invited to join the Reopening Wisconsin Schools Discussion on WASBO's ConNectwork by clicking this link, signing into your WASBO account, and pressing the "Join" button! 


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tracks COVID-19 cases in schools

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Gov. Evers issues new COVID-19 emergency order, extends mask mandate to Nov. 21

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USDA Extends Free Meals for Kids Through December 31, 2020

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WASBO Facilities Subcommittee
September 1, 2020 

Reminder: Governor Evers Mask Mandate ends November 21
Recommendations concerning face masks, screening, hand sanitizer and visitors.

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Comprehensive COVID19 Guidance from von Briesen School Law Section
July 2020

Recommendations concerning:

  • Liability and Waivers
  • Employment
  • Student Considerations
  • Safety Considerations
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Open Meetings
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Onboarding Process Considerations
July 2020

Recommendations concerning:

  • Process Narrative
  • District Considerations
  • Site Considerations 
  • Department Staff Considerations
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Professional Development Considerations
July 2020

Recommendations concerning:

  • Health and Safety
  • Virtual Learning
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Licensing Considerations
July 2020

Recommendations concerning:

  • DPI Licensing Pathways
  • Alternative Licensure Pathways
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HR Impacts from DPI Reopen Plan and COVID-19 Issues
Vickie Adkins, WASPA Executive Director
June 2020

Recommendations concerning:

  • The impact on FTE/staffing
  • Absenteeism
  • The increase costs of wages and benefits
  • Employee stress and EAPs
  • Compliance with Regs
  • Worksite determinations
  • Handling increased requests for leave of absence or work from home
  • Accommodations for employees who contract or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19
  • Accommodations employees at risk for serious COVID-19 illness
  • Accommodations for employees who choose not to work
  • Management response to employees who refuse to return to work
  • Employee handbook and/or Pandemic Policy Procedure Manual
  • Union and labor relations
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Wisconsin School Transportation Considerations
June 2020

The following recommendations are offered by WASBO’s Reopening Schools Work Group and were created with the cooperation and input of the Wisconsin School Bus Association:

  • Communication
  • School bus preparation and disinfecting 
  • Modifications to transportation system
  • Employee training
  • Transportation operations - management or routing departments
  • Extra-curricular trips
  • Other considerations
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Exploring Different Food Service Delivery Models
July 2020

Recommendations concerning:

  • Serving in the Classroom (4k-2)
  • Serving in the Hallway (older students 3rd and up) - could be used in conjunction with cafeteria
  • Serving in the Cafeteria and taking back to classroom
  • Modified Traditional Model
  • Off the Bust (Breakfast Possible)
  • Take Home (same as March-June feeding)
  • Home Delivery (Dependent on USDA Waivers)

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