WASBO Member-to-Member Mentorship Program

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The WASBO Mentorship Program was designed by members to bridge the gap between a mentee’s training and his or her real, on-the-job experience. Unlike long-term mentorship, the commitment for the program typically lasts for approximately one year and is determined by the mentee’s specific needs.

The framework of the program each mentor/mentee relationship will evolve differently. Each relationship is unique based on needs, personality, learning styles, expectations, and experiences. Mentorship can provide one or all the following: regular opportunities for individuals to reflect together about their hands-on work; an opportunity for skill development measured in competencies gained; a significant, long-term effect on the life or work style of another person.

The Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials (WASBO) has expanded the availability of the mentorship program to all District Professional Members. Current members who are changing positions within the state, assuming positions in Wisconsin after practicing in other state(s) or wishing to become more knowledgeable in a specific program may also want to participate in the mentorship program on a volunteer basis.


Any WASBO District Professional member who is responsible for school business management and/or school business functions in the district is eligible.

Program Fees

There is no fee to participate as a mentor. Protégés are required to enroll in the Year of Success Program. WASBO member pricing for The Year of Success Program is $1,685. The non-member price is $1,755 and includes one year of trial WASBO membership if you have not previously been a WASBO member.

Program Goals

Mentoring is a successful practice and powerful tool for training professionals. The WASBO mentor program is designed to provide technical assistance and advice to first- and second-year school business officials relative to the many duties and responsibilities that are inherent within every school business official’s job description. This is accomplished by pairing new business officials on a one-to-one basis with experienced veterans.

What are the Goals of this Program?
The mentor program is designed to accomplish the following specific goals:

  • To ensure the program reaches eligible participants across the state and maximizes its positive impact on the profession
  • To provide opportunities for new school business officials to gain the performance skills and knowledge necessary for the effective implementation of their job responsibilities
  • To provide a resource to facilitate decision making associated with the particularly difficult challenges and problems that occur within the frame of reference of a school business official’s position

Benefits to Your School District

The employers of both the mentor and protégé benefit from the growth of each individual. The school district that employs the protégé benefits from the more rapid development of the individual. They benefit from:
  • Increased morale, productivity, and effectiveness
  • Shortened time required for new administrator to develop the necessary competencies
  • Reduced risk of errors or missed opportunities for the district
  • The mentor’s district gains from the newer information or theories shared by the protégé and from the increased leadership abilities of the mentor
  • Greater retention of qualified candidates

Identification of Program Candidates

Candidates for the program may be identified for participation in the mentorship program by any of the following means:
  • Institutions of Higher Education. Referrals may be made to the WASBO Executive Director by higher education institutions upon graduation and/or earning eligibility for the WI DPI School Business Administrator-5008 Licensure.
  • Self-Referrals. Individuals may contact the Executive Director or Mentorship Coordinator directly indicating an interest in entering the School Business Management Mentorship Program
  • Employer Referrals. Local administrators may contact the Executive Director to request a mentor for an individual with school business management responsibilities in his or her district
  • If individual WASBO members or regional chairpersons initiate or receive initial referrals, they are to forward them to the WASBO Mentorship Coordinators and Executive Director.

Benefits to Mentor

Mentors can obtain a great deal of satisfaction from helping a less experienced protégé.Benefits include the following:
  • Gained knowledge from more recent training of protégé
  • Opportunity to determine their leadership capabilities
  • Renewed enthusiasm for the role of the experienced professional
  • Enhanced skills in coaching, counseling, listening, leadership, and modeling

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

  • Enhance the professional development and success of protégés who are new, need to develop new levels of expertise, are making a career change, or wish to advance in the profession
  • Support the relationships between the protégé and others in his/her district
  • Provide constructive feedback for the protégé
  • Commit to being available and accessible in both a structured or informal manner to the protégé
  • Serve as a resource and coach the protégé during the development of the protégé’s state required Professional Development Plan (PDP)
  • Provide specific, practical information about the school business management profession sharing knowledge, insights, materials, skills, and experience with protégé
  • Maintain confidentiality of information shared by the protégé
  • Encourage the development of leadership competencies
  • Help protégé bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • Assist protégé in setting priorities and in juggling the demands of the position
  • Participate in assessing the WASBO Mentorship Program

Benefits to the Protégé

Once a mentoring relationship has been established, the protégé has access to opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable. Benefits from mentoring relationships include the following:
  • Vital professional development and networking opportunities as a part of the Year of Success Program
  • Smoother transition into the profession of school business management
  • One-on-one attention from a professional who has expertise and is willing to support your unique professional needs
  • Opportunity to share ideas with someone else in the same profession
  • Guidance and helpful advice in their development as a professional
  • New and/or different perspectives
  • Assistance with the integration of knowledge and skills learned from conferences, workshops, and reading materials
  • Knowledge and wisdom that only experience can provide An opportunity to build a network of contacts in the field and network within the professional community
  • Provide training for PDP Plans including goal writing

Protégé Roles and Responsibilities

  • Enroll in the Year of Success Program and attend the six conferences for vital professional development and networking
  • Be receptive to guidance and willing to learn
  • Complete and share self-assessment
  • Commit to personal growth, continuous learning, and excellence in the profession
  • Commit to being available and accessible in both a structured or informal manner
  • Attend local regional meetings and participate in professional development opportunities
  • Seek to understand and uphold the standards, norms, and values of the school business management profession including the WASBO Code of Ethics
  • Commit to the process of reflection, goal-setting and completion of a Professional Development Plan (PDP)
  • Participate in assessing the WASBO Mentorship Program

For more information contact:

Sue Schnorr and Jill Bodwin
WASBO Mentorship Coordinators
[email protected]
[email protected]