Learn and Grow with WASBO GO!

WASBO GO is the official Association App of the Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials. WASBO’s mission of providing support for business, facilities, human resources and operations officials across the state is the same, but this new method of support ensures our members are now more connected to their association and each other than ever. 

Make the most of your professional development and networking experience by downloading the WASBO GO App. WASBO GO offers our entire professional development calendar at your fingertips. In the app, you’re able to register for conferences, view sessions and tracks, take notes on those sessions, see speaker information, send your evaluations, view exhibit halls, connect with attendees and exhibitors, and much more all in one app. 

It’s also never been easier to connect with your colleagues, service affiliates and speakers. All of their contact information is right in your pocket. Send messages, post to forums and get support.

Service Affiliates and Sponsors: Your products and services will now be even more visible to the people who have the direct responsibility for purchasing goods and services in Wisconsin school districts – School Business Officials! With advertisements and other recognitions that link directly back to your website, connecting with Wisconsin school decision-makers is now as simple as a click! Service Affiliates can either sponsor WASBO's conferences or purchase ad space to increase their visibility in the app!

Members can now easily view, update and add to their member profile and have all of WASBO’s resources easily at their disposal, including social media accounts, publications, education news, a member directory, ways to get more involved with WASBO, the WSCL Career Center, and so much more! WASBO GO even has resources for non-members, such as member benefits and an all-encompassing easy-to-use directory of all of WASBO’s Resources. 

Download the WASBO GO app now by searching "WASBO GO" in your phone's App Store or Google Play Store or by scanning the QR code above, and view the WASBO Go Tutorial below!




Using the WASBO GO Mobile App

Download WASBO GO, our association app, to view all of WASBO's resources. The free app can be downloaded from your phone's App Store or Google Play Store by searching "WASBO GO." You'll have access to publications, information about upcoming conferences, latest posts in the career center, news clippings from around the state, the membership directory, and much more!

To access all of these features, you'll first need to sign into your WASBO Account. Once you've downloaded the app, swipe right to be taken to the main menu, which will appear on the left side of your screen. At the top of the menu, you'll see a button to log into your WASBO Account using your WASBO username and password. This is the same password you use on the WASBO website when you're signing in to update your profile, viewing WASBO resources, and registering for conferences. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. Once you've registered, take a few minutes to scroll through the left side menu to see all of what the association app has to offer. "Calendar" will take you to all of WASBO's upcoming professional development opportunities. "Advocacy" will direct you to the Wisconsin School Administrator's Alliance. "Directory" will allow you to search for all of the current WASBO members. "Social" will give you a glimpse at all of WASBO's social media accounts. "Resources" will provide you with WASBO's internal and outside resources for district professionals and service affiliates. The Career Center will display a listing of all the current job postings available on the WSLC Career Center. You also can find out more about WASBO under the "About Us" section, view current publications and discover more about WASBO's Regionals! We hope you'll continue to Learn and Grow with WASBO GO!



Participating in the ConNectwork on the App

District Professionals, Retirees and Students: Accessing the ConNectwork has never been easier! After logging into your account, click on the ConNectwork button on the left main menu. After agreeing to be respectful, please select the WASBO Member Discussion. This community is comprised of District Professional, Retired and Student Members.  You can make your own post by clicking the blue circle with the white plus sign, writing in your subject and message, and then clicking "POST" in the upper right corner. You also can respond to fellow members' posts by clicking on their message and then replying using the text box at the bottom of the screen. As always, you can use the ConNectwork on your desktop computer by visiting network.wasbo.com.



Viewing Conference Program Information

Once you've logged in, please go back to the main menu, click on the calendar to be taken to WASBO's event listing. Click on the conference you're wishing to see, such as the "2021 Spring Conference." Here, you'll be able to view sessions and speaker information, read more about sponsors, access the conference schedule, evaluate the sessions and conference, and much more! Preview all of the sessions ahead of time and select which sessions you'd like to attend in the app!



Posting Photos to the Photo Gallery

Once you're in the specific event, go to the dashboard. Once there, click on the photo gallery icon. Once in the gallery, click on the camera icon on the top right. Select either "Gallery" to select a photo already taken or "Camera" to take a photo right now. Once uploaded, you can enter a caption and press "Submit" in the top right. You've now uploaded a conference photo for the chance to win a prize!



Handouts & Evaluations

Handouts and evaluations for each session can be viewed in WASBO GO under each individual session of the conference. Please note that you do need to register for the conference to be able to access the handouts and evaluate the sessions. Additionally, we will continue to provide a handouts webpage available in the app and our website for each conference. The webpage link will be available in your attendee emails as well as in Links by Topic. In addition to session evaluations, conference evaluations also are available within the app. You can evaluate each session by clicking on the session, taping the box in the top right corner to add it to your session, and then click the link to the session evaluation. To evaluate the conference, simply click on the "Conference Evaluation" on the Dashboard to evaluate the conference. Conference and session evaluations can be filled out during the conference and the week after the conference. 




Session Recordings

Recordings of all the sessions will be available within a week following the conference! Attendees can view the recordings in the app following the conference under each session. Just click under the "Recording" tab in each session. Additionally, a recordings webpage will be added to the WASBO website that can be accessed by conference attendees after they sign into their WASBO Account. The link will be included in attendee emails, and there will be an alert with the link on members' WASBO profile that will be there for a month following the conference. WASBO will send an email to attendees to let them know all of the recordings are available. 




Viewing All of Your Conference Recordings in Your WASBO Profile

WASBO members also can view the session recordings from every WASBO conference they've attended that has recordings available in their WASBO profile After users sign into their WASBO Account, they then can click on their first name at the top of their screen to be taken to their WASBO profile. Once there, they can click on the "Professional Profile" tab. Then, they can scroll down all of the conference recordings that they have available. See the steps outlined below.