Table Coach Training

Successful implementation of the Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™ Map process requires well trained Table Coaches. This is a vital part of the process.  Investing in Wisconsin Public Schools™ may only be used by a properly trained Table Coach. WASBO provides Table Coach Training that is purchased in conjunction with Map Kits. WASBO will schedule Table Coach Training by a Master Coach throughout the year, dependent on demand. Training may be scheduled in conjunction with WASBO Conferences or Regional Meetings, and additional regional training is possible at specific sites if there is sufficient demand.

Table Coach Training ~ $100 per person

Required with initial Map Kit purchase.

Training consists of four hours. Two hours are devoted to participating in the Investing In Wisconsin Public Schools™ Map exercise. One and one-half hours is devoted to training on the required facilitator skills. Training concludes with an interactive discussion, including questions and answers.

After independent facilitating (preferably with a Master Coach present) and use of the Map Kit as a Table Coach, one can be a Master Coach and may then train additional Table Coaches in your district.