WASBO Facilities Subcommittee

June 26, 2020

Reminder: Gov. Evers' Mask Mandate Ends September 28

Face Masks (covered on several pages of DPI guidelines, most notably on pages 34 and 37)

  • Strongly recommend for staff when interacting with students or other staff where socially distancing is not possible
  • Student usage of face masks will be district by district decision dependent on a variety of factors that each district will consider including Covid-19 history in specific county.

Screening (covered on page 37 of DPI guidelines)

  • Recommend some form of screening of staff and students whether it is at home or at school – emphasize the importance of screening at home with self-screening for staff and parent/guardian screening of students.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Recommend that hand sanitizer be provided in locations where students can access conveniently without having to make trips to the restrooms to wash hands all of the time.  How this is accomplished will be based on logistics of schools and financial considerations.

Visitors(covered on page 38 of DPI guidelines)

  • Limit non-essential visitors in buildings this includes; parent and community volunteers, guest speakers and recruiters.  Include these visitors virtually when possible.
  • Parent meetings including IEPs, 504s, CSI and parent teacher conferences are held virtually to the greatest degree possible.
  • When a student needs to be brought to school late or picked up early, parents should call the office when they arrive at school.  Students leaving early will be dismissed or walked out to the parent depending on the age of the student.  Students being dropped off are sent in by themselves.
  • Delivery services should drop deliveries at a designated door away from students and staff traffic.
  • Families should be discouraged from dropping off forgotten items such as; lunches and musical instruments.
  • If a visitor is required to enter the building, they are required to wear a face covering.
  • Families are encouraged to stay in their vehicles away from other people when picking students up at the end of the day. 
  • Performances or competitions should be recorded without an audience and shared virtually.


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