Professional Development Considerations

July 2020 


With the uncertainty of normal school operations resuming in the 2020-21 school year, adjustments to and additional professional development may need to occur.

  • Review how a virtual setting may be required for professional development for new and existing staff.
  • Review current professional development requirements and offerings.
  • Check with current compliance and safety training provider about new modules or training that may be available for implementation.
  • Consider if there are barriers that might arise due to inequities or cultural differences of our staff when providing professional development?

The following provides potential new professional development or training that may be needed as a result of operational changes made due to COVID-19.


Professional Development

  • Health and Safety
    • Social/Physical distancing
      • Outline staff responsibilities/expectations to help maintain social distancing
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      • Determine district requirements and guidelines for staff and PPE
      • Develop communication of requirements/guidelines for PPE
      • Develop and communicate repercussions for not following or improper use of PPE
    • Transmission mitigation practices
      • Develop expectations for student and staff handwashing
      • Develop expectations for monitoring of personal health
    • Student illness protocol
      • Develop process for handling students when they become ill at school Staff illness protocol Develop process for handling staff when they become ill at school
    • Illness Reporting
      • Develop a process for staff to follow when they become ill and/or are diagnosed with COVID
  • Virtual learning – As a result of the potential need to provide a permanent virtual learning environment for students or the ability to move into and out of a virtual learning environment, consider professional development that may be needed to provide staff with best practices for instructing in a virtual learning environment.


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