Certified School Risk Managers Designation Program

The Certified School Risk Managers Program (CSRM) will provide you with the in-depth knowledge of the risk management process and terminology based on the philosophy and theory of school risk management. The CSRM curriculum and national designation are provided by The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. There are five 8-hour courses required for CSRM designation. The benefits of the CSRM Designation include:

  • Skill in identifying potential sources of loss
  • Trust and credibility within the school system
  • Ability to maintain budget integrity in tough economic times
  • Opportunity to network with other school business officials about risk management

WASBO is thrilled to bring this opportunity to Wisconsin school district professionals employed as risk managers, employee benefits or safety coordinators, and administrative or other positions that oversee the risk management function. Service Affiliates who work with school risk managers are also encouraged to attend. 

See the Certified School Risk Managers Program Brochure


  • Fundamentals of Risk Management - September 19, 2018, Holiday Inn, Eau Claire South
  • Handling School Risks - September 20, 2018, Holiday Inn, Eau Claire South
  • Measuring School Risks - October 17, 2018, Holiday Inn, Eau Claire South
  • Funding School Risks - October 18, 2018, Holiday Inn, Eau Claire South
  • Administering School Risks - November 14, 2018, Holiday Inn, Eau Claire South
Scholarships for the CSRM Program are offered through the National Alliance for classroom sessions. Apply at https://www.scic.com/the-national-alliance-scholarship. Eligible candidates are those who have not previously participated in the CSRM Program and intend to attain their designation. You do not have to be nominated. Anyone may apply. 

One Scholarship for the Five Core Fall CSRM Sessions is available due to the generosity of M3 Insurance. 


Please contact Kristin Hauser at 608.729.6641 prior to signing up for the CSRM Online courses if you intend to take them for Viterbo Credit.

CSRM Online
  • Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • Handling School Risks
  • Measuring School Risks
  • Funding School Risks
  • Administering School Risks


The National Alliance requires each individual holding the CSRM designation to attend one of the courses specified in its entirety every 12 months. (The update or 12-month period is determined by the CSRM designee's birth month.) These courses include: